Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard to get a build of Retro Arena ready for the launch of the Odroid Go Advance. I am happy to say we were successful in our endeavors and are able to provide users with Release Candidate 1.

A mostly complete system list:

CPS 1,2,3, Intellivision, PSP, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket/Color, Wonderswan/Color, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, Msx 1 and 2,  Sega CD, 32x, Genesis, Master System, Game Gear,  SG-1000,  Colecovision, Scumm VM, N64, N64DD, Super Grafx, Sharp X1, Virtual Boy, FB Neo/Arcade, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, NES, PC Engine, PC Engine CD,  Snes, PlayStation, PSP Minis.

This is a long term project from our team, and as such will receive updates with new firmware, emulators and themes as they become available.

The Retro Arena Release Candidate 1 Download:


The page below will let you know what bios is needed for which core:


Please note that bios go into the folder with the emulator or core that needs it, there is no general bios folder.

I would like to thank Crashoverride, Kamots and their team of community developers for  their base image and continuous contributions to this device and the Odroid community. 

Also, Travis Wilson for the beautiful custom made Odroid Go Advance themes.

Videos of the Odroid Go Advance running Retro Arena can be seen below.


Review from eta prime

Odroid Go Advance playback samples


es-theme-neon-overdrive-green-blue-retro-arena (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-pink-blue-retro-arena (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-pink-green-retro-arena (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-purple-red-retro-arena (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-red-blue-retro-arena (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-yellow-red-retro-arena (zip)


Odroid Go Advance RA Theme (zip)