Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard to get a build of Retro Arena ready for the launch of the Odroid Go Advance. I am happy to say we were successful in our endeavors and are able to provide users with a Release Candidate.

A mostly complete system list:

Arcade/FBNeo, Dreamcast, Atomiswave, Naomi, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo, CPS 1 2 and 3, MAME, Famicom, Famicom Disk System, Virtual Boy, Super Famicom, Sufami Turbo, Snes MSU1, SNES, the Snes-hacks folder is for games like Yoshi's island with a special chip in it, intellivision, N64, N64DD, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation 1, PSP, PSP Minis, Sega Master System,  Sega CD, Mega Drive, Sega 32x, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, TurboGrafx 16, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine, PC Engine CD, Supergrafx, NEC-PC98, Vectrex, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color, Atari 2600, 5200, 800, 7800, Lynx, MSX 1 and 2, DosBox, Coleco, Sharp X1, Scumm VM, Commodore 64, Nintendo DS, Vectrex.

I have included Retro Roller from Valadaa48, which basically installs retroarch into the build via a debian package that supports rolling updates. Because of this the majority of emulators now have the retroarch menu and the settings and customization options that go with it. Also with the exception of Dreamcast and Saturn all bios now go into /roms/bios  as of RC 2.4. Flycast and Yabasanshiro are the only bios needed in the /opt/libretro folder in with the core. 

keyboard based games require you to remap the key layout in retroarch or connect a usb or wireless keyboard. 


See above photo.

This is a long term project from our team, and as such will receive updates with new firmware, emulators and themes as they become available.

The Retro Arena Release Candidate 1 Download:


The Retro Arena Release Candidate 2.2 Download:


The Retro Arena Release Candidate 2.3(includes Dreamcast and Saturn):


The Retro Arena Release Candidate 2.4(includes Dreamcast, Saturn, Nintendo DS)

The second zip named roms is to be drag and dropped to the root directory and will fix Colecovision issues.


Lakka for OGA, built from the Lakka git:


The page below will let you know what bios is needed for which core:


For version RC2.4:

This build incorporates the base image from Crashoverride, meaning Ubuntu has been updated from 18 to 19.
Sega Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave, Dos, Commodore 64, Sega Saturn, NDS and a couple other systems have been added.
The themes by Travis Wilson have been updated to include the new systems and Retroarch. Also Mame cores by the year have been added.
Retro Roller from Valadaa48 has been added, this integrates a full Retroarch into the build and that has been added to the theme as well, both 64 and 32 bit Retroarch are included.
Most of the emus that were cores have been moved to Retroarch to allow use of the Retroarch menu. The bios for all of these now belong in /roms/bios
The exceptions that do not use Retro Roller are:

Dreamcast, PSP, N64, ScummVM, and blue Msx for Msx 1 and 2. Coleco uses Retroarch.  These bios still go into /opt/libretro (saturn and dc only) into their respective core folders. While the rest now all go into one folder as noted above.
The sleep kernel function as also been added, tapping power once is sleep, holding it down is power off.  

Snes9x_2002 and Snes9x_2005 32 bit cores have been added, along with Parallel N64 both 32 and 64 bit cores, to Retroarch directly. When you launch the n64 core you must enter the Retroarch menu and change the gfx plugin from auto to rice for proper playback.

When using Drastic for DS the f1 key brings up the menu, its a bit buggy in the sense sometimes it stays black. if you tap the dpad a couple of times it pops up. To full screen a game, go into the menu and options, change screen orientation to tingle. Now the main screen is full screen. F3 will swap between screens. When playing in 2 screen mode you can use the f key to swap the positioning of the screens to make the picture larger. 

Edit: the Drastic menu has been fixed. please redownload RC 2.4 correct the bug.

 to change the language to English in Drastic, edit: /opt/drastic/config/drastic.cfg

firmware.language = 5 to firmware.language = 1 

Please note Saturn and Dreamcast function like n64, not all titles are playable.

I would like to thank Crashoverride, Kamots and their team of community developers for  their base image and continuous contributions to this device and the Odroid community. 

Also, Travis Wilson for the beautiful custom made Odroid Go Advance themes.

And Valadaa48 for his creation of  Retro Roller.

Along with the Lakka Team, especially Demetris and Natinusala.

NoirBright for the hotkey functions, and photo to go with them.

ETAPrime for his videos and support of the build,  it is greatly appreciated.  

This project is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather Rudolf Laminger, Born December 16, 1934 and passed away November 24th, 2019. My grandfather was very proud of me and the work I do, the happiness and nostalgia it brought to others,  and I was very proud to have spent 33 wonderful years learning from him. He always taught me to follow my heart, and that is why I started Tech Toy Tinker. I hope you all truly enjoy this device and retro gaming as much as I do. 

Videos of the Odroid Go Advance running Retro Arena can be seen below.


Review from eta prime

Odroid Go Advance playback samples


All themes have been updated by Travis Wilson for RC2.3.

es-theme-neon-overdrive-atomic-purple-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-blue-yellow-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-green-blue-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-pink-blue-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-pink-green-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-purple-red-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-red-blue-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-neon-overdrive-yellow-red-retro-arena-odroid-go-advance (zip)


es-theme-retro-arena-main (zip)