FINALLY with some hard work from myself, and a few gentlemen over at XDA, this has been modded. I will include the xda link. now, lets get to it.


- Plug your X16 into your laptop and choose the "Data & Charge" option
- Download your ROMs from the "ActDisk" that gets mounted
- Download  zip
- Extract and install the tool(in zip)
- Optionally: Constantly delete your "USB Mass Storage Device" until it plays nicely
- Open up the Video Tool
- Hit the "Refresh" icon and choose the firmware
- Uncheck all the options and hit "Download"

After 5~ minutes and a few attempts it downloads the firmware (I had issues with it not recognising the second mode it switches to). Once it tells you it's sorted then you hit the reset button (need a pin or something) and it fires up with the new UI but without ROMs.

firmware link: