Retro Pie on the tinkerboard

ROTT was developed by my friend Crash Cortez originally. A few months ago I hopped on the development team and have since taken over the project. I am now the owner and head developer. Currently we are at ROTT 1.0.9, I have also been hard at work planning a merge with the team at TheRA or Retro Arena, this will grow both communities, provide additional help and support for all users, and help the community progress forward in a positive way.  More info to come.  ROTT 1.0.9  plays Atari to Dreamcast and PSP, Saturn works with a few games but has some big bugs in it. We are working on a solution, but currently none exists. This is because EmulationStation uses sdl2 and Yabause uses qt.  The sdl2 version was abandoned some time ago.  But I have received word of an update coming that is directly aimed to help lower end devices, and single board computers run Yabause with less overhead. Currently ROTT is run on Debian Stretch. We have a custom build, with overclocking enabled, and the gpu is overclocked from 500mhz to 600mhz. The cpu can be overclocked from 1.8 up to 2.1. Retro Pie on the Tinkerboard brings out the boards retro gaming abilities while keeping It in a nice, simple, and great looking front end. It supports themes as well, along with box art, videos for games, and bezels. Recent developments have lead to Libretro Reicast core working, this allows the use of Sega Naomi roms. Note: only rott 1.0.7 has overclocking. Please note, the development team does not condone, or support piracy, please make a legal copy of your own game titles. 

Recently Crash has stepped down from the project, due to having too many projects going on at once, and needing to focus his attention elsewhere. He is still around and available for conversation. However, moving forward all development of ROTT will be done by me, starting with 1.0.8

included with the image zips you will find es_systems.rar and inside of it es_systems.cfg. This is to enable Naomi and Atomiswave. Replace the es_sysems.cfg in /etc/emulationstation with this file. create a naomi and atomiswave folder in your rom folder, you will need the DC and naomi bios in the dreamcast, naomi, bios folders. and the atomiswave bios and dc bios and naomi bios in atomiswave. for naomi bin files work. for atomiswave bin works as well but requires the ist file. If you get a permission error use sudo chmod -R 777 /etc/emulationstation. the easiest way is to use WinSCP to delete and swap the file, and use console on the tinkerboard or putty to type if needed. 

Zips are split into several parts, download all zip files in the folder.

ROTT 1.1 was just released! link below.

Login: tinker Password: tinkerboard

R.O.T.T V 1.1:

ROTT 1.0.9 SD:

ROTT 1.0.9 EMMC:

R.O.T.T 1.0.8 Ultimate Edition (includes 70 working and themed systems) SD version:

ROTT 1.0.8 Ultimate Edition EMMC:

ROTT 1.0.6 SD:

A view of EmulationStation

A view of EmulationStation

ROTT video sample