The Repair


I purchased a game gear used locally for $40 Canadian. Got it home all excited, put in the batteries, turned it on... no picture. no sound?! After some fiddling I noticed I could see the picture but only at a very odd angle. A quick google search let me know the capacitors were bad, so I ordered a set from eBay (photo above). I opened the GG, replaced all the caps, and it works fine again. Be careful of the caps not on the main board, they don't have through holes, you have to solder them onto the pad standing up, and there is not a lot of room for clearance so they need to be kept as short as possible, if you look you can see I was a bit sneaky and folded them in a bit. I plan to do more mods to the Game Gear and will add them here. I know I can swap out the LCD and the backlight, but I want to keep my GG authentic.