Who Am I?

Steve the Mad Scientist


I'm the brains behind the operation. This is not just my career but also doubles as my hobby.

Steve the Dad Scientist


I am happy that my oldest daughter shares my interest in technology and tinkering, and also retro gaming. We sometimes do projects together, such as this joystick above.

Steve the Bad Scientist


Sometimes, I break stuff. It happens.

More information

I am currently in my last half year for my certification as a software developer. I also spent a year in the Business and Information Technology program. The courses I have taken  vary between Technology and Business. On the Business side, I have taken Management, Professional Development, Business Analysis, Math for Business, Statistics, Financial Accounting, and Communications. For Technology I have taken Information Systems, Java 1, Structured Query Language, and am currently taking Software Development Fundamentals, VB.net and C#, along with asp.net. I have also taken SQL, Ruby, and Python courses online, and frequently work with the android operating system and C language, as it is the hardware level language that is used most commonly.