Emulation Station for PC

Link and Info Below:

A while back Crash started a project to create a preconfigured Emulation Station on PC, one that can play Wii, WII-U, PS2, PS3, among other things. He continues to work on this and I have been slowly adding things as well. I do have a more complete ES with more systems, but its 18GB. This is less then half that size, and will get you going up to ps2. you can add the later systems if your hardware can handle it.  You simply extract the zip to start using it, no install necessary.  Enter the EmulationStation folder, scroll down, and use launch portible (windowed, or fullscreen) to load ES, it works much like on Retro Pie, you edit the ES cfg file to add systems, emulators go into the emulator folder to add new ones. roms go in roms. bios go in roms into a bios folder, you will be able to direct most emus where to look.

Link for Emulation Station PC: