C64 mini mod

Recently  I purchased this console, and I was liking what  I got for the  $40.

It allows a user to load games from a USB stick, but I wanted a way to add games to the internal memory so not take up a USB port, as there are only two. After some research and opening the system I discovered I could use  UART cable, or pin headers to run wires from the main board to a USB cable and connect it to my PC, which it detected as a COM 9 Device. With the help of a tutorial online and some trial and error I was able to get it working amazingly well.  Be gentle when opening this mini console, as it is semi delicate. Inside it runs a small single board computer,  which has  an ARM Cortex A20 CPU with 512KB of RAM and 16GB of Flash storage. I was not able to determine the clock speed, but I would guess 1Ghz or lower. From further inspection of this board, and some online resources, one could add a micro SD card reader onto this board also.

Link to the tutorial I used to accomplish this mod:



C64 Mini Gameplay